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The Evangelical Christian Worldview

How can I help my young sons understand what motivates someone to shoot a bunch of people in a theater or a club? How can my 10 year old son understand the conflict people have about whether or not to kill a gorilla after a small child falls into its habitat? How can his older brother understand the thought process of a judge who would issue a six month prison sentence to a convicted rapist and call it justice? How can I help them process what's going on when a person decides to kill their unborn baby? How can I help them understand what's going on in their own hearts and minds?

I needed a simple model I could use when teaching my family how to understand the different worldviews being employed by people around us. As a starting point I landed on a four question model. Obviously this can be expanded, but I needed something children could memorize and put to work for them.

Is LGBTQ+ a distraction?

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The issue of the day is whether transgender people should be allowed to use the bathrooms/changing rooms of their choice. Human trafficking is also gaining awareness. So called "gay marriage" is an issue of the past. To a large extent so is abortion. But what's common about all of these issues?

Destroying our appetite for mass killings.

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We need to destroy our appetite for the spectacle of mass killings.

Mass killers want to send a message. The shootings themselves are launch pads for their viral messages. Reporters, politicians, and celebrities are the accelerators. Media and social media are the conduits. We have to stop playing the role of consumers in this supply chain.

Stop buying it! Demand something different from the media when these things happen. Ignore the killer and demand the details about the victims and their lives and all that is lost to the world because they were killed. Ignore the killer and demand to hear about the heros.

"Gay Marriage?" Get your own word.

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When we have these kinds of discussions we must not allow rhetoric to hijack the language. We have dictionaries to standardize our language and to avoid undisciplined linguistic drift.

Take the word "gay" for example. 75 years ago the word meant happy or colorful. Now it means homosexual but not just that, all the people who used to use it to mean happy avoid using it altogether. The word has been lost to an agenda.

The word "marriage" means the state of being united with a person of the opposite sex. The phrase"gay marriage" is meaningless because there is no such thing if gay means homosexual and marriage means two people of opposite sex united. If these definitions hold, then there is simply no such thing as gay marriage, unless we change the definition of marriage.

What I learned from taking vitamins

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I've been routinely taking vitamins and supplements for about nine years now. While in the middle of a conversation with someone this evening I realized that I have been leveraging an important lesson from this routine. And I've been doing it almost subconsciously. I've learned that by establishing a solid routine of taking vitamins every morning and evening that these two events are somewhat like anchor points in my day. If there is something I want to remember to do every morning I can hook it to my routine of taking vitamins. Similarly, I can hook things to my evening routine as well; things like brushing and flossing for instance.

"Good for you Steve. But so what?"

Visual Theology

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Tim Challies has begun releasing a series of helpful "info graphics" that he's calling "Visual Theology". I find these to be helpful for teaching and communicating about various aspects of Theology.

Ordo Solutis (Order of Salvation)

The Attributes of God

Michael Chasse, age 36, died on November 3, 2011

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My high school friend Mike Chasse died on November 3rd in a New Jersey prison. Mike and I were mostly connected through football, having played together in junior high and high school. It seems like yesterday Eric H., Brian C., and I were eating lunch in the Lewiston High School cafeteria. I also remember the time these guys helped us move to our house in Auburn. That piano almost killed us but we were motivated by donuts. Together we ate about three dozen, though I think Mike ate a dozen by himself.

I'll never forget the time Mike burst out laughing in the hall between classes. It was as if the site of Brian made him remember the joke from lunch and he was just now getting it. It was hilarious, even for Mike. I also remember the way he used to yell, "Come on guys!" from the sidelines; even my mother remembers how he said it.

Why did bad things happen to Job?

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The book of Job is the Bible's answer to the question, "Why do bad things happen to good people?"

Job, the man from Uz, is said to be blameless and then he's shown to suffer a great deal; loosing his children and wealth on one day and his health and dignity on the next. His friends hear of Job's fait and resolve together to be with Job and comfort him. As the friends approach Job it would seem that they are faced with the reality that the reports of Job's struggles failed to communicate the gravity of Job's situation.

Be careful what you condemn

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If the Bible says a thing is a blessing and a helpful thing, then it is. If the Bible goes on to warn that one should be careful not to use the thing to the extreme, including addiction, this does not negate the blessedness of the thing. The Bible is simply saying, "Don't turn a good thing into a god thing", to use Mark Driscolls phrase.

To prohibit a blessed thing completely on the grounds that sin is possible is stupid; worse, it's sinful.

"Woe to those who call evil good and good evil,

who put darkness for light and light for darkness,

who put bitter for sweet and sweet for bitter!" (Isaiah 5:20)

The Thorny Vine

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After being away from the office for two weeks I returned to find a thorny vine growing up in front of my window. I've noticed these vines growing in various areas around my house and they tend to grow as part of undergrowth, around trees and bushes that they can climb up and curl around. Sometimes they blend in so well that I only notice them once I'm being cut by the thorns. These thorny vines have a way of making beautiful things painful.

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